FDM2000 Lives!

I most assembled the FDM2000 today with the ABS head I got off eBay. It’s suprising how much you forget, when you dis-assembled it over a year ago……

All axis jog okay, and model & filament loaded okay.

Testing & alignment starts this week sometime (plus I gotta find a space for it).


11 thoughts on “FDM2000 Lives!”

  1. I have kinda mixed feelings on that right now — twice the conumables & maintenance being the negative, also now I won’t have a ‘parts’ machine, but now I can put the FDM1650 down to fix the backlash for the positive….


  2. Dear all,

    I’m a proud owner of one off these FDM2000 from Ebay and haven’t got a glue where and how to start Working / Playing with it.
    Is there someone with a bit a time to run me through ?


  3. Envelope Fever,

    Hey John, Hope all is well. I have a strange Envelope heating problem. When turning on the FDM8000 I get an Envelope overheat error. The Thermostat says 140 degrees then begins to count down. I have the thermostat set to 70 degrees. The FDM shuts itself off to protect itself I assume. However if I raise the Temp to 99 degrees and turn the FDM on a few times eventually the thermostat lowers enough so the FDM will stay on. If I adjust the thermostat to 70 Degrees and can watch the temperature drop to 69 degrees in about 5 minutes. Then slowly start to raise temperature pretty quickly until it hits the 90’s causing the FDM to shut down. Usually takes 10-15 minutes for this to happen. Current room temp being 65 degrees. The envelope does not feel like the temperature represented. My hunch is the thermostat is broken but thought I would ask. Any thoughts where I can get a replacement thermostat?

    1. Hi Trevor,

      Good to hear from you again (but I wish it was better news) and I was wondering how you getting along with the 8000.

      The conditions you describe sound to me like a thermocouple that has a bad junction, but also could be somewhere along the thermocouple wiring too. I’d check the wiring and make sure there’s no corrosion at the tie points first, and if that’s okay I’d try to find a new thermocouple. You could also stick a voltmeter on it and see if the voltage kinda corresponds to the temp you are seeing on the Watlow. Also there’s a cheap IR Temperature Gun that could give a reading on the inside of the chamber that you could also compare to the Watlow, to check if it’s even close.

      I’m not sure what you could change in the Machine Definition files to have the machine continue running, but perhaps some other visitor may know and post a solution.

      Hope that helps


      1. Thanks for the advice. I ran it multiple times yesterday. The temperature reading appears to be stabilizing and then go erratic. Jumping to 140 then back to 90 then back to 71. I did check the connection on the Thermocouple just by feel and it did seem ok. But thats a good idea to check the voltage. I have heard that the Watlow’s can go out but usually just fail and not behave strangely. I will let you know what I find. I am also curious on the New Foam you are trying. Anxious to see results. In the future if you ever need buy in on some trial foam let me know.

        1. I’ll agree with John – sounds like a thermocouple with a bad junction (or perhaps a thermocouple wire shorting against something somewhere). I would disconnect from the Watlow and double check with a multimeter that has a thermocouple input – I’m pretty sure they’re J-type. Bang on the chassis a little and see if the reading jumps around any.

          I actually found a spare envelope thermocouple in a bag with my 1600 – the bag label says:
          Thermocouple, air

          and below that is written in pencil “FDM 2000/for use with envelope watlow”

          No identifying markings on the thermocouple itself, but it’s not like a TC is rocket science.

          1. Hey Have Blue, Thanks for the Advice.. Also thanks for your Blog. John thanks again too. I thought for sure it would be the Thermocoupler and was ready to buy a new one. In my research I happened to find the correct Watlow Thermostat on Ebay and offered $90 for it and got it. I thought it might not be a bad idea to have a spare for future. I was able to Google the model number of the Watlow and found the manual. Went into setup of original and took photos of each setting. Then installed the ebay thermostat. Set all of the same settings and ran the the 8000 for 4 hours with no Envelope Temp errors. I ran a print for 13 hours with no problems. My guess is the Watlow was failing. I am glad it was an easy swap and I am printing again.

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