Small parts — BIG vibration

I tried running some small parts to judge how my attempt at alignment did. I simply scaled down the block I had run before & also re-orientated it so the bore was vertical, so I wouldn’t use too much material and support. The photo below shows ugly result:

Real Rough Part
Real Rough Part

Also, the head seemed to pick up some of the filaments knocked off the tip during the ‘wipes’. As the program was wiping every two build layers, the wipes were more frequent with the small part.

I noticed as the part was running, the feed seemed faster, and as I have the machine on a dolly (to move in-and-out of storage) it seemed to vibrate a lot.

I shot a short video of the head motion ( ):

And a short video of my vibration meter — a screwdriver on the top of the FDM ( ):

Since I ran these little parts, I ran some flat pieces for the DRO on the Z Axis. These larger parts ran very well. I’ll put picture of them in a post on the DRO later.

I need to do some analyzing on the SML file for the small parts that ran so poorly, and compare to the other parts that did well.

3 thoughts on “Small parts — BIG vibration”

  1. Definately rough — The support was going up the sides of the flanges for the three (per side) horizontal holes in the flange. The support was filling in the horizontal holes. I suspect I need to turn off the ‘FAST’ option when slicing with QuickSlice for small parts, and I may have to leave horizontal holes out of the model & plan on a drilling second op. I have just been using ‘Run Auto’ in QuickSlice with all the defaults left turned on.

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